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If you are a local or international internet portal, WeatherOnYourSite always has the solution for your need of weather data. Weather information is crucial for all internet portals. WeatherOnYourSite brings the weather to your visitors. A full package of weather data from WeatherOnYourSite means: current weather, short and long term forecasts, snow reports, beach weather and.

 Weather information per region (day 0 - day 5)

Weather information for Alpe d'Huez

  • Maximum temperature
  • Minimum temperature
  • Symbol day
  • Short weather text
  • Wind strength
  • Wind direction
  • Chance of precipitation

Snow depth per skioord

  • Date of measurement
  • Snow depth in the valley (cm)
  • Snow depth on the mountain (cm)
  • Total amount of skilifts
  • Snow quality
  • Is descent into the valley possible (yes / no)
  • Are there skilifts open (yes / no) and how many

Snow information per skiing destination

  • Total length of the blue ski piste
  • Total length of the red ski piste
  • Total length of the black ski piste
  • Price of ski pass for adults
  • Price of ski pass for youth
  • Price of ski pass for children


XML sample files:

5 days weatherforecast: XML file    XSD file

Climate: XML file    XSD file

Observations: XML file    XSD file

Snowheight: XML file XSD file

History: CSV