Travel & Tourism

Weather is very valuable information for tourists and travellers around the world. Therefore, reliable weatherdata can not be missed on websites related to travel & tourism.

WeatherOnYourSite provides you with reliable forecasts up to 14 days worldwide. This service will be most appreciated by your customers. WeatherOnYourSite offers, aside from weather forecasts, also climate data. With this climatedata travellers can see trends of weather situations arround the world.  A very reliable way to choose the right travel month for your destination. For the wintersport travellers there is a complete set of XML snow data avaliable.

Websites related to travel & tourism can choose for a simple short term forecast up to 5 days or a long term and very exclusive 14 days forecast. The most used parameters are:XML Weather data Travel and Tourism

  • Weather symbol
  • Minumum temperature
  • Maximum temperature
  • Wind strength
  • Wind direction
  • Precipitation
  • Sun duration


 The most used parameters of climate data are:

  • Average temperature
  • Minimum temperature
  • Maximum temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Amount precipitation
  • Days of precipitation per month
  • Sun duration



XML sample files:

5 days weatherforecast: XML file    XSD file

Climate: XML file    XSD file

Observations: XML file    XSD file

Snowheight: XML file XSD file

History: CSV