General XML information for all sectors

WeatherOnYourSite has the following available XML services for international weather:

Current weather XML:

contains the actual results from official weather stations which are monitored by nationally approved meteorological organisations, worldwide. The results are available approximately 30 minutes after they are measured.

Short term forecast XML:

contains short term forecast up to 5 days developed conform the GFS MOS method.

Long term forecasts XML :

contains long term forecast up to 14 days developed conform the GFS MOS method.

Climate XML:

contains characteristic weather type for a particular place or area. This is determined by taking averages of example temperature, precipitation, sun and wind for a number of years. The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has determined a standard time period of 30 years. The last period over which averages were calculated was 1971 – 2000. Climate.xml contains for each region or location worldwide the characteristic weather in XML form.

History XML:

contains historical weather data from official weather stations around the world. This data is most needed to see the weather trend in diffrent reaserchs.

Snow XML:

WeatherOnYourSite has an extensive and unique bank of information for winter sporters, such as snow depths, piste conditions and weather information. The snow depths and piste conditions are obtained from local tourist information offices and ski resorts. WeatherOnYourSite produces a reliable weather forecast up to 6 days for each ski region. In producing the forecast the height of the region is taken into account. The snow depths are of course only available in the skiing season (1st December until 1st May). Weather forecasts are available all year round.

All files are available in the following languages:

  • WMO Standard
  • English
  • Dutch
  • German
  • French

On request we can translate the files in any language you wish. The <tag> as well as the content are also in the languages relevant to you.


WeatherOnYourSite has access to a worldwide network of weather stations. For its forecast WeatherOnYourSite has weather data for any inhabited or uninhabited location worldwide. For the other XML weather feeds WeatherOnYourSite can offer you a list of destinations with an official weather station. Furthermore, if you supply WeatherOnYourSite with a list of your destinations, we can match them with the weather stations nearby its location.