Construction sector

Reliable weather forecasts are very important for scheduling in the construction sector. Alerts on extreme weather situations such as storm, hail and heavy rain are essential for the safety of your construction workers.

With parameters like wind speed, the XML weather data of WeatherOnYourSite anticipates to the need of the construction sector. Even for small projects WeatherOnYourSite can deliver you the weather information you need.

The most important parameters in the XML feeds for the construction sector are:  

  • Maximum temperature
  • Minimum temperatur
  • Wind direction
  • Wind strength 
  • Gusts
  • Symbol 
  • Weather description 
  • Amount precipitation
  • precipitation
  • UV-index

XML sample files:

5 days weatherforecast: XML file    XSD file

Climate: XML file    XSD file

Observations: XML file      XSD file

Snowheight: XML file XSD file

History: CSV