Weather XML Feeds On Your Site


WeatherOnYourSite provides you with all the handouts you need for getting professional XML weather feeds for your sector. WeatherOnYourSite delivers every customer a custom-made XML data feed. The weather feeds are very comprehensive, open, accurate and easy to adapt to the look and feel of your website. Also, it is easy to expand the XML weather feed anytime you wish.

WeatherOnYourSite is designed to fulfill and optimize your need of professional weather XLM feeds on your website, your company or for your research. To get acquainted with this service and to see the benefits of this product,  take a look at all the options for your sector on


XML sample files:

5 days weatherforecast: XML file    XSD file

Climate: XML file    XSD file

Observations: XML file    XSD file

History: CSV


Snow data

Skiresorts: XML file XSD file

Snowheight: XML file XSD file

Weather: XML file   XSD file

Weatherdetail: XML file XSD file

XML Weather data Travel and Tourism
XML Weather data Travel and Tourism